May 19, 2024

The Power Of SMS MARKETING To Build A Brand

The Power Of SMS MARKETING To Build A Brand


Tune into the latest podcast show episode on Power Of SMS MARKETING To Build A Brand

 Podcast Show  Notes:

  • What trends are happening in Sinch MessageMedia & SMS/MMS marketing?
  • The future of SMS marketint /MMS Marketing
  • Why SMS/MMS Marketing and Sinch MessageMedia have such high delivery rates?
  • How to create personalised marketing messages delivered at the right time
  • When to use SMS/MMS to drive up Google Reviews & Re-orders
  • The latest ways to integrate Sinch MessageMedia into your Marketing Automation
  • Where and How AI fits in with Sinch MessageMedia Channels
  • Why you’re missing out on new business and repeat sales

About Damien Brennan

Damien connects great businesses with great technologies to drive great outcomes. For the past 7 years, he has been working with businesses of all sizes to utilise messaging channels to have more engaging conversations with their customers. He has been a key contributor to the continued growth, performance and eventual acquisition of Sinch MessageMedia.

Connect with Damien Brennan and Message Media: Sinch MessageMedia

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LinkedIn: Damien Brennan

The Business Trends report on SMS Marketing:

  • Reach anyone with a mobile device 97% of adult Americans own a cell phone, and 70% open a text message within 5 minutes of receiving it
  • Increased customer engagement 36% of customers prefer business communication via text – more than any other channel
  • Efficient and personalized communication 32% of customers expect immediate responses, and 36% ignore non-personalized messages
  • 90% open rate for SMS
  • 36% Click-through rate for SMS compared to less than 3% for email
  • 51% of people reply to an SMS within 1-2 minutes, compared to 5.4% for email.
  • 1/3 Consumers check their SMS notifications within 1 minute of receiving a text
  • 70% of consumers opted in to receive SMS from businesses

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