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Cam Roberts is the real deal

"Cam was voted as the #1 Speaker by his peers at our International Speaking Competition. He is a powerful presenter and can move an audience to take action. This guy is the real deal"

Pat Mesiti - Millionaire Mindset Coach, Best Selling Author, Public Speaker

Double your marketing productivity and dollars through the door

"Cam has absolutely changed the game for me as a coach. I was a guy with passion and vision, but just didn't know some of the steps of the marketing funnel, didn't understand lead generation and didn't know some of the ninja stuff he taught me at the backend. He even stretched my mind around money and the value of the products I created. If you're looking for a coach who can double your productivity and dollars coming in your door - you need to speak to Cam Roberts"

Nate Yeske Coach & Founder at Prodigy School

Cam Roberts will be the X Factor in your Business

"Working with Cam has revolutionised our business. He launched a single campaign with just 4 emails and 1 automated funnel that created 26 highly qualified leads and $730,000-$740,000 worth of new business. If you're a business owner and you are looking for the X Factor when it comes to Marketing - I'd highly recommend you chat to Cam Roberts"

– Trent Giumelli

Cam Roberts for Your incredible help in Business Growth...

– David Prior

I was super impressed with his program

"I started my digital marketing business after the oil and gas downturn. I was looking for more ways to offer better insights and services to my own business customers. Being from Texas, USA, I was surprised to find a marketing coach all the way from Australia, on Twitter! I was super impressed with the information his program provided for both myself and my own paying clients!"

Laura Kamrath,
Zebra Marketing Solutions

"Want to give a shout out to Cam Roberts and his Inner Circle program. Cam's Inner Circle program has helped me join the dots and get in front of a bigger audience. I can now channel my YouTube, Instagram and Facebook audience into one Funnel. I've also built an upsell into a free educational course. Cam is a real person and I appreciate everything he has done to help me build my program"

– Rod. Ingersoll, OBE (B App Sc Hons), CENVP

“In just 4 emails and 1 Marketing Campaign, Cameron’s copywriting and automated funnel created Best Result To Date”

– Trent Giumelli

“What our team said was going to take 12 months, Coach Cameron did in 3 days! His sales pipeline will revolutionize our business”

– Steve Gillespie

“Best Marketing Campaign Ever. Coach Cameron has given us the tools to triple our swim school business in the next 12 months”

– Nick Upton

“Grew Our Business Quickly. Coach Cameron has helped grow my dental practice business and we’re on the way to Succeed.”

– Dr. Evan Soulos

“If you’re looking for someone with both Digital Marketing and Business experience, you need to talk to Coach Cameron Roberts”

– Nathanial Bibby

“Coach Cameron has helped us setup Infusionsoft to take the stress away from our office staff and we’ve had our first sales training session with him – it’s been terrific! ”

– Tim Salisbury

Texas is now getting more higher paying clients - thanks to Cam Roberts.

– Laura, Houston

“I was able to get more leads and convert new sales - thanks to Cam Roberts. ”

– Angela O’Connell of Vivacity Coaching

“All my Marketing Automation in 2 days - thanks to Cam Roberts.”

– Brad Lynch from Macnair

“Achieved more in 2 days with Coach Cameron than I would alone in 6-12 months - thanks to Cam Roberts.”

– Gary Lowe from Cynosura

“Saved 20k and learned awesome business strategies - thanks to Cam Roberts.”

– Lara Donelan from Maidavale Heated Pool Perth

“Clean Health Fitness Institute, Sydney, have grown their business with Infusionsoft - thanks to Cam Roberts.”

– Vanessa Herrera from Clean Health Fitness Institute,

Let's Just Say He Was That Good We Are Using Him For My Other 2 Companies To Weave His Magic

Cameron is brilliant. Has transformed our pipeline and automation for our company. I can't really fault him. High integrity and the only issue I had is he was so fast we were having to hop to keep up with him!

Already his input has not only increased leads but also improved the flow of our marketing lead generation and sales system. This was the one big weakness in our business which is now fixed and made my life a lot easier.

Warren Black,
CEO Of Wealth Safe & Global Wealth Club

We are everywhere – thanks to your online campaign!

The Facebook Promo you are doing for us has put us everywhere!!!!!! Constantly all over peoples Facebook timelines and even in ads on Apps! I have had a lot of people come up and ask how we do it – I simply pass on your details and tell them to talk to you! This marketing branding campaign has worked really well.

Luke Harper ,
Shayne Reese Swimming

I can’t believe I have to do this but can you have our advertising on a minimum cost please? Our sales pipeline is full!! We are working on at least 10 really good leads and if even half of them come off we’ll be busy for a couple of years.

Interestingly, one of them asked on a FB page “Welcome to Palmwoods” for recommendations and one of our past clients recommended us. He then went to our website and noticed “bubblegum marketing” on it. He is also one of your clients!! Love it.

So, we can’t thank you enough but, at the moment we don’t want any more leads. ? (Imagine having to say that when only 6 months ago we started from scratch).

Thanks again,

Allison Prior,
David Prior Homes

Coach Cameron is About to Take Off on a Global Scale

I have had the great opportunity to share the stage with people like Robert Kiyosaki, Sir Richard Branson, Charlie Jones, Amanda Gore, Alan Pease and some of the greatest speakers of our modern time. As a matter of fact, I believe Coach Cameron is about to take off on a global scale. He is a powerful presenter and has the ability to move an audience.”

Pat Mesiti,
Best Selling Author, International Public Speaker, Prosperity Mentor

The biggest impact Cam’s Marketing has made on our business is the ability to gain new leads, and turn them into clients, with innovative strategy. Competitive markets requires effective contact, as you only usually get one opportunity to convert.

Chris Mooney,
Olympic Coach and Director of Flinders Aquatic Academy

Your Professionalism is Simply Amazing

Cameron, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for all that you have done for us, I cannot recommend your services highly enough as your professionalism is simply amazing.

Trent Giumelli,
Giumelli Property Group

Coach Cameron is a Valuable Asset to any Business

Having been involved with both Kerwin Rae and Coach Cameron Roberts, I can say they are both fantastic operators as I have worked with both of them extensively.
The main point of difference Coach Cameron brings to the table from any other speaker or guru, is around the area of “Done-For-You” Digital Marketing. He’s not only a marketing consultant that offers advice and expertise, he is “hands on” and personally builds your projects for you. When you are a Platinum or Diamond client of Cameron’s you know he is the one that is personally working on your campaign projects and digital marketing assets. He is an excellent copywriter, an expert at marketing automation and certified at bringing Traffic to your site via Google or Facebook. This makes Coach Cameron a valuable asset to any business in the digital age.”

Trent Giumelli,
Giumelli Property Group. Property Developer. Investment Property Mentor

There’s no one quite like Coach Cameron!

“Congratulations Coach Cameron. What an inspirational course. I’m delighted and I’m ignited! I’ve attended a lot of this kind of event since the 70’s. The very first was in Honolulu, with Marshall Thurber (“Money and You”), who taught the likes of Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and many others. I have seen these and other very well known leaders over the years present their courses, but there’s no one quite like Coach Cameron. He is different. He shines even amongst the best of the best. When he speaks, he adds a different element. He adds himself. He is that element. Your insides sit up and take notice. They WANT to hear what he has to say. The power that he projects through his voice penetrates even the toughest self-imposed barrier. Go and see him.”

George Regan,
Business Owner and Philanthropist

Thanks to Cameron we made our Quarter Sales Number

Thank you for helping us out. Because of your efforts the entire company achieved our quarter sales number!

Remo Stander Sales Manager,
Giumelli Group

Highly Recommended For Businesses!

“Hi Cameron, it’s great to have you on the job across all businesses… If you ever need to refer a potential client to chat with an existing client let me know!.”

Matthew Brown,
Founder & Director of Your Corner Group

Over 700% More Worked Invoiced in Only 2 Weeks!

“Over the 4 months preceding to doing the Sales Explosion program with Coach Cameron – my monthly sales were around about the same every month. Only two weeks into the First MONTH of the Sales Explosion program – and I have already invoiced over 700% of my normal monthly sales. This also has an increased Gross PROFITS”

Gary Lowe,
Managing Director of Cynosura IT

Coach Cameron has an uncanny ability to plug up the holes in your funnel

After working in this business for three years I never realised how blinded i was as to how many gaps we had in our sales process and marketing pipeline until I had a talk to Coach Cameron – he has an almost uncanny ability to plug up the holes in your funnel. I would highly recommend any sales team or business owner to talk to Coach Cameron about fixing their funnel and taking their business to the next level.”

Chris Asanopoulos,
Healthy Coffee Australasia

Coach Cameron is a STAR – He Holds Nothing Back

I’ve just done a 3 day course with Cameron Roberts, now this guy is a STAR! I would highly recommend anyone in a business realm to see this guy and get coaching from him. The content he gives is absolutely fabulous – he holds nothing back and you’ll learn some stuff that will really set you up!”

Peter Swain,
Sanctuary Real Estate

I couldn’t believe the Passion

I couldn’t believe how passionate Coach Cameron’s seminar was. I was attending for personal gain, but came away with the most positive attitude I have had in years. I now wish that I had encouraged my colleagues to also attend. My gain…. their loss!”

Mirella Liddell,
The Greater Building Society

Outstanding Marketing Results

We engaged Coach Cameron Roberts to run a Digital Marketing Funnel for the Mortgage Broking Part of our Business. He was responsible for all the copywriting, landing pages, email marketing and creating Facebook advertising. Within a matter of 28 days we’ve seen Outstanding Marketing Results from his Marketing Funnel he created for us. I highly recommend you speak to Coach Cameron about your maximising your Digital Marketing efforts.

Daniel Fernandez,
Finance Manager – Your Corner Group

Highly recommend Coach Cameron’s Events

“Thank you very much for inviting me along as a guest speaker at your recent business bootcamp event. I was honoured to be a part of the event and talk about why most business marketing fails and what we can do about it. Any-time you are running an event let me know and I’ll be there as a guest speaker or I’ll even buy a ticket just to be an attendee! I would highly recommend Coach Cameron’s events to anyone!”

Trevor Monaghan
Chartered Accountant and Managing Director of Climax Business Strategies

Talk About Energy… Coach Cameron is the Real Deal!

I have to admit, I was wondering what ‘Coach Cameron’s’ presentation was going to be like. After attending (and presenting) many, many talks and presentations, many of us are over being stuck in the middle seat and soon plotting polite ways of leaving. No chance of those thoughts with this guy! Talk about energy! Coach Cameron is the REAL DEAL! I mean, I couldn’t and didn’t want to go to sleep that night! I’ve told my partner, my kids, friends, associates … “go see this guy”! If you can get Coach Cameron in touch with your business, do not hesitate! He talks common sense, doesn’t do the fluffy stuff and doesn’t give your ‘little voice’ a chance to even make a murmur. He’s got serious success runs on the board (I checked ;-)) and is genuine in his mission. Thanks Cameron for the reminder we all need about getting off our butts and just getting the job done! ”

Dan Buzer,
Business Consultant. Profit Mechanics Brisbane

I Find Coach Cameron Extremely Honest and Reliable

“I met Coach Cameron in one of many business seminars that I attended. His presentation on Sales, Marketing an understand and most importantly made absolute sense. Before he even finished, I had already decided that I have to get Cameron’s help. I am now working with Coach Cameron. He is very knowledgeable and a true professional. I find him genuine, extremely honest and reliable to the point that I know I can completely trust him working with my business. I have no doubts that very soon I will see the results. Thanks Coach Cameron for taking me under your wings. I would recommend him to all business owners who are struggling with getting new sales.”

Vikas Good,
SERVER SENTRY Complete IT Care 24/7

Record Number

“Coach Cameron helped with a single business deal that saved me. Using the specific strategies Coach Cameron Roberts taught me, I was able to achieve my desired results fast and Record Number.”

Linda Pollard,
Corporate Accountant Brisbane

I couldn’t believe the Passion

I couldn’t believe how passionate Coach Cameron’s seminar was. I was attending for personal gain, but came away with the most positive attitude I have had in years. I now wish that I had encouraged my colleagues to also attend. My gain…. their loss!”

Mirella Liddell,
The Greater Building Society

Will be The BEST Event You’ve Been To

“Coach Cameron’s Event was one of the most positive things for myself and my staff to attend. Coach Cameron’s event will be the best event you have been to for yourself or anyone else around you that you love.”

Peter James,
Juicy Beans Cafe. Newcastle.

You Are on My List for Speakers

Hey Coach Cameron Roberts! I hope you are as fired up as l am since the seeing you speak at the event. I have not forgotten you & definitely have you on my list of speakers. I will let you know when l get a date for the youth event to Shepparton. Can’t wait to have you here. Dream Big!”

Dianne Caldwell,
Seminar Promoter. Live The Passion.

I Could Not Get This Information Anywhere Else

“As a Gen Y’er – I have valued the time spent with Coach Cameron in his monthly Diamond Mastermind Groups. It is always engaging, educating and informative. These monthly sessions keep me accountable to my goals of setting up my own business and managing my current cash-flow. I enjoy the feedback from the other professionals and business people who are also on the call each month – I am inspired and thankful for the knowledge they share with me. At 21 years of age, I could not get this type of sales and business information from such a small group format anywhere else that I know of – Thank you Coach Cameron for letting me join your Diamond mastermind group.”

Brooke Elazzi,
Gen Yér/Ipod Generation Expert.

Get Coaching from Cameron…

We have been a part of many training systems and programs – however what I really like about Coach Cameron’s mastermind group, is the opportunity we get to “test”” our sales and marketing ideas to a group of like-minded professionals before we take them to the market place. As a Diamond Mastermind member, Coach Cameron always keeps us accountable to our previous months tasks and consistently surprises us with new concepts and strategies to increase our sales. We have not missed a session in 5 months because we know how much money our business makes from the ideas of the monthly session. I would highly recommend you do what ever it takes to get into a mastermind group with Coach Cameron.”

Remi Watkins,
The Bracket Man.

I expect Big Things

Keep us informed as to how it goes Cam. I expect big things after witnessing your motivational presentation. Awesome stuff.

Gary Hobley,
Entrepreneur of “I Write Good Copy


Tonight was UNBELIEVABLE. It has made it clear what I want to achieve this year. I have now set my goals and made it clear so watch out!”

Harry James
Harry’s Schnitzels. Newcastle

His Event was AWESOME

Coach Cameron’s event was awesome! Not only was it fun and informative, but he provided real tools that I could use TODAY! to change the direction of my life and make 2012 the best ever.”

Matt Reeves,
Teacher, Belmont Christian College.

He Gave me the Tools to Turn my Dreams into a Reality

Attending Coach Cameron’s event was like a cross in the road. It not only challenged me but lifted my eyes to see where I could be and how to get there. It caused me to dream again and have the tools to turn my dreams into a reality! ”

Troy White,
State Director. Compassion Australia.

He is a Pretty Amazing Guy!

I have been to quite a few business breakfasts in my management role. They’re usually fairly dull affairs and it’s often very hard to get to know anyone. I’ve never had such a great welcome as your breakfast on Tuesday. Well done! It was fantastic. From the moment I walked in I felt welcome. The presentation from Coach Cameron was entertaining and inspiring all in one. He’s a pretty amazing guy.”

Philip Ashley-Brown,
Local Radio Content Manager. Newcastle.

I Feel More Motivated Than EVER!

Thanks for your amazing recharge event on Thursday night! I feel more motivated than ever to achieve whatever I put my mind – especially concerning my career, health and wealth! I have learnt about key strategies that will assist me in all areas of life and will continue to use them! 2012 is going to be my year! Thanks again Coach Cameron Roberts! ”

Stephanie Ziolkowski,
Business Development Manager of Our Deal

The workshop was Brilliant!

Hi Coach Cameron, Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how BRILLIANT tonight’s workshop was on personal performance and work/life productivity. It was both funny, very engaging and packed full of great content – I could of listened to you for hours. Well Done.”

Elly Keats,
Law Firm Assistant and Law Student.

He Gives You A Plan and you See the Results

Coach Cameron gets to know the results you want and puts together a plan that keeps it simple. You can see the results and MOST importantly you can follow them…down to earth and easy to work with .. highly recommend you get Coach Cameron to talk to your team.”

Wayne Lennan,
Business Owner. Insurance for Living Pty Ltd.

He is a Passionate and Motivating Speaker

We were very inspired by having Coach Cameron speak at one of our recent courses. He is a passionate and motivating speaker that is quick to connect with people and keep them engaged. Coach Cameron provided tools and strategies to challenge traditional thinking around personal performance and health. He helped us to understand the importance of living a balanced lifestyle rather than seeking quick fixes. Cam’s message was one of hope – that change is a possibility for every person, in any situation.”

Jacques Cronje

I was Blown Away by the Content

Wow – what an amazing experience it was being at Coach Cameron’s seminar. I was blown away by the content and interaction Coach Cameron had with the audience. The Leaping Through Life seminar helped me discover what I need to do to be successful and achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Coach Cameron to any organisation. Well done, Coach Cameron. ”

Rodney Lynch,
Entrepreneur, Dubli Associate.

An energetic night!

Thanks Coach Cameron for making our night fun, energetic and entertaining. I came away with clearly designed goals for my future and strategies to overcome challenges.”

Coral Smith,
The Body Ark.

It was Inspirational

Had an AMAZING day at the IGNITE Business and Entrepreneur Bootcamp with Coach Cameron Roberts … It was inspirational and challenging for me I discovered that “We are either an EXAMPLE or a WARNING to others on how to live!” – excellent event! ”

Troy White,
NSW Compassion Church Relationship Manager.

I am Feeling Inspired!

Coach Cameron and his Team at the IGNITE Business and Entrepreneur Bootcamp had top idea’s for business as well as self development, leadership, investing plus fitness and health. Looking forward to continuing working with Cameron doing this as a one on one basis. I am feeling inspired and groovy at the moment. Now I shall keep up this momentum.”

Edward Cross,
Newcastle Photographer.

Coach Cameron will Turn Your Life Around!

After attending the event with Coach Cameron, I now understand the importance of how setting goals correctly can improve all the areas of my life over the next 12 months. Coach Cameron is a great communicator and I highly recommend his events to everyone – he will turn your life around! ”

Peter Kelso,
Director Kelso’s Law Firm Newcastle.

I Have Come Away With A Blueprint for Success

Had a great time at Coach Cameron’s Event. The way he easily focuses on what’s needed for success is very refreshing. From what you eat, what you think and what you do – it’s all covered. I have come away with a blueprint for success! ”

Mark Scott,
Director/Owner at Stateland Properties.

I Discovered How To Set Goals Properly

Attending the event with Coach Cameron proved to be really valuable to me personally and professionally. I discovered how to set goals properly and got the knowledge and tools to live a more energetic life that I can design to suit my lifestyle. ”

James Alexander,
Forsythes Recruitment Manager.

I now see a Clearer More Positive Direction

Brilliant night! Informative, passionate and delivered in a professional manner. This event has enabled me to get a new perpective in my current situation, I now see a clearer, more positive direction for my future. Due to this one night with Coach Cameron, I see positive, life changing things happening in my future! ”

Carissa Smith,

You can See His Passion…

You can tell that Coach Cameron is very passionate about what he does. He gives business owners like myself a lot of practical tips that makes success and achievement simple. I now have a practical plan to achieve my objectives. ”

Wayne Lennan,
Insurance For Living

Coach Cameron’s event helped Design my Future

The Leaping Through Life event I attended was very good. The information was great and easy to understand. I personally found it very helpful to designing my future the way I want it to be.

Loreena Maness,
The Body Ark.

I Acquired the Knowledge for Future Success

Coach Cameron, I really enjoyed your event. I got a lot out of it and am looking forwards to using the acquired knowledge for my future success.”

Raja Alexander

I gained a lot from being around Coach Cameron

I gained a lot from being around Coach Cameron Roberts at the IGNITE Business and Entrepreneur Bootcamp. I’m expecting that as I unpack and implement key ideas these will have a major influence on what I can earn, what I can give and who I can be in the future of my business. ”

Brian Holt,
Holts Prestige Gardens

Perfect for Improving Personal Outlook on Life

Your event gave me a better understanding about healthy living, setting goals and better business. I learnt how to successfully set goals and, for once, achieve them! The Leaping Through Life programs and events would be perfect for anyone wanting to improve their personal outlook on their life and business. I feel better equipped to deal with the challenges ahead. ”

George Jose,
Management, CAP Australia

I Loved How it Was All Put Together

Well done Coach Cameron. I loved how you put everything together for everyone and your event was very informative. ”

Roz Williams,
Business Owner.

You had a BIG Impact on our NAB Team

Hi Cameron. Thanks for your time you spent with our team today. From discussions at team dinner you had a big impact and the team are already starting to bond over the shared experience. Cheers Rick.”

Rick Wingfield,
NAB Wealth|National Australia Bank, Docklands Melbourne.

Coach Cameron Won our MLC Team Over Quickly…

The MLC Insurance Technology Team in Sydney engaged Coach Cameron in 2010.The team consisted of around 35 professional people in an age range of early thirties to early sixties. Coach Cameron was able to win the team over very quickly with his practical approach to personal vitality and helpful snippets of information on topics close to their hearts. The main benefit derived from the engagement (apart from a very enjoyable Digital Mission Impossible) was the dramatic decrease in sick leave. Prior to engagement the team was running at 12% which was double the reported average. A few months after the coaching sessions the rate had dropped to 5% which was below the reported average. ”

Kenny O’Donnell
Improvement Initiative Leader – MLC Ltd Sydney

All Revenue Streams have Increased

I am very pleased with our decision to engage Coach Cameron from Leaping Through Life and the instant results he has achieved. Through greater accountability, all revenue streams of our business have increased and I for one am always conscious of the pre-work required before one of Cameron’s meetings. What particularly appealed to me when considering the corporate coaching system was the whole of life approach. Starting from the top down it was important to us that that everyone was in the right head space before looking at other areas. I would highly recommend Coach Cameron to anyone looking for the edge in their life and business. ”

Todd Lane
Managing Director, Utilise IT.
Australia Wide.

130 Leads in only 20-minutes from 1 email

“Well, that worked really well. I’ve already had 130 replies within 20-minutes from the 1 email that you sent for me, and it’s still going strong. I’m going to be busy for a while sorting through all of these highly qualified leads.”

Remo Stander Sales Manager,
Giumelli Group

Cam will plug those holes in your Sales Pipeline

“If you want to increase your sales and profits then you must listen to Cam Roberts – he’ll plug those holes in your Sales Pipeline so you can bank the hidden money you never knew you had!”

Mal Emery,
Best Selling Author & Public Speaker

We’ve made $100,000’s of thousands of dollars

“If you are looking for great results, Cam Roberts and his team are outstanding to work with. I've been working with Cam across my clients businesses and my own businesses for 5+years. His strategies have made our business over $1m and our client's businesses many hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, Cam is one of the best marketing strategists I've had the honor to work with. I would highly recommend working with Cam Roberts and his team in all areas of lead generation and conversions."

Jerry Conti,
CEO LuxHomePro

He is an Outstanding Mentor

“We have been part of Cam’s mentoring program for over a year. As a mentor – he is outstanding. He is knowledgeable, gracious, respectful, positive and is a joy to work with. The experience has been a very worthwhile investment.”
Lara Upton. AQUATOTS Swimming School WA

Lara Upton,
AQUATOTS Swimming School WA

Coach Cameron Helped me turn my LIFE Around

“If you are looking for great results, Cam Roberts and his team are outstanding to work with. I've been working with Cam across my clients businesses and my own businesses for 5+years. His strategies have made our business over $1m and our client's businesses many hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, Cam is one of the best marketing strategists I've had the honor to work with. I would highly recommend working with Cam Roberts and his team in all areas of lead generation and conversions."

Peter Kelso,
Director – Kelso’s The Law Firm.