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A Digital Marketing Consultant is an independent contractor or freelancer that will review your current marketing activities and sales processes, and then provide a strategic roadmap to move forward with based on your goals and objectives.

They are also responsible for the implementation and execution of the strategies while providing the appropriate campaign analytics to make better marketing decisions in the future.


A Digital Marketing Consultant provides marketing & sales enablement consulting services and implementation on a wide range of modern day digital marketing and sales automation activities. They work closely with the business key stakeholders to set realistic marketing KPI's based on the marketing objectives.

They are very experienced in sales automation, creating sales pipelines, and streamlining your operations via CRM optimization. They can help you in all aspects of Inbound Marketing, PPC, SEO, CRO, Sales Funnels, Social Media, Copywriting, and optimization your CRM's so you can achieve results quickly.

The best Digital Marketing Consultants will help you bridge the gap between sales and marketing, by providing sales enablement advice and strategies. This is done by reviewing the data and analytics from marketing campaigns or sales funnels and then working with the sales teams to create assets, materials, and tools to help them sell at a faster velocity.

If you're not getting the results from your marketing efforts, or you simply need a professional to execute a new project or launch a new campaign, a Digital Marketing Consultant is the perfect solution to transform your marketing, hit your sales targets, and scale your business.

The key projects that your Digital Marketing Consultant can provide consulting, implementation, and execution on may include:






PPC Ads Management



Content & Podcast Marketing


When you work with a Digital Marketing Consultant it’s like having a VIP personalized implementation service for your business. Your consultant will have wide range of experience across various social media channels, marketing strategies, and marketing automation tools. Depending on if they are a freelancer or a part of a bigger team will determine how fast your projects will be completed.

Small projects are typically completed within 1-2 weeks. Average projects, like a webinar launch or live seminar can be between 2-4 weeks. Large projects such as an E-Commerce Store with 100 products or multi-step Sales Funnel with backend automation can be between 4-8 weeks depending on the scope of the actual project or campaigns required. 

The price of your project will be determined by the amount of the following assets that are required for the project or campaign:

  • Landing Page Copywriting
  • Email and SMS Copywriting
  • Landing Page Development
  • Creative and Graphic Designs
  • Video Creation or Editing
  • Sales Funnel Development
  • Marketing Automation Actions
  • Number of Products being sold
  • Order Forms and Online Payment Options
  • Software API Integrations, Bridges, or Zaps

Your consultant will typically meet with you personally on a bi-weekly basis in a Work In Progress (WIP) meeting to discuss your sales goals, existing projects and campaigns, and create strategies for future marketing objectives. These WIP meetings highlight any new opportunities, allow stakeholders to review any projects in the pipeline, and provide a platform to discuss further optimization of campaigns. All meetings are conducted on the phone or via Zoom Meetings on the same day and time every second week.

They will also manage your projects in a project management tool like Teamwork, so you can see how your projects are tracking and view any reporting. Even though they are typically specialists in their chosen fields, they are often experienced at project managing freelancers, digital marketing agencies and stakeholder team members.

The types of businesses that benefit from hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant:

  • Industry Experts
  • Property Developers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Investment Companies
  • High Ticket Coaches
  • Dental Practices
  • Cleaning Businesses
  • Accounting Practices
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Attorneys and Law Firms
  • Fitness Centers
  • Swim Schools
  • E-Commerce Businesses
  • Registered Training Organisations


With 30 years sales and marketing experience, Cam Roberts is the choice many business leaders make when they want to build their brand, launch their sales funnels, attract more website visitors, and convert clicks to customers. 

After executing the marketing for his own multi-award winning bricks-and-mortar businesses with 30 staff and 1500 weekly clients for 10 years, and 20 years in the digital marketing space - Cam is well equipped to plan and execute your marketing projects.

Cam Roberts has consulted to hundreds of business leaders & industry experts to increase their revenue and improve their marketing results.

His clients have included Amazon Multi-Millionaires, 7-Figure Digital Marketers, Multi-Million Dollar Speakers, Property Coaches, Wealth Creation Experts, Local Businesses, and a long list of many more...

Cam provides personalised Consulting to clients throughout Australia, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.

Be part of the change you want to see in your marketing by working with an experienced Consultant who is passionate about business growth and delivering results.

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