April 24, 2022

7 Facts to Consider Before Signing Up for Online Marketing Coaching Program


7 Facts to Consider Before Signing Up for Online Marketing Coaching Program

Online Marketing Coaching

Any digital marketing mastermind and online marketing coaching programs may make you skeptical. But, when you consider how much time you invest researching how to generate advertising, optimize material for SEO, and figure out how to work out all your tech, doesn’t it seem like it’s worth it?

Consider having all information that you need for your marketing in one location, plus being able to chat with a real person if you need assistance through online marketing coaching services! But you could now be thinking, “I’ll figure it out!” That may be true, but do you have the time and resources as an entrepreneur just starting or experiencing rapid growth?

There’s nothing wrong with recognizing that a lot of small company owners need help with their digital marketing. But before signing up for a marketing coaching session, you need to consider these seven facts to make the most out of the program.

Things to Consider Before Joining an Online Marketing Coaching Session

Working with a marketing coach through an online marketing coaching program is an investment that requires a wise decision. So, make sure you hire the right one based on your business needs and goals.

1. Your Business Needs and Objectives

You need to know what you want or need help with. Setting SMART goals that you want your digital marketing consultant to achieve will give him or her more direction.

Some examples that you can direct during an online marketing coaching program:

  • I want to an increase business sales by 50% in 12 months
  • Using organic strategies, I want a 300% boost in traffic on my website within 5-6 months
  • I am open to paid advertising but only with a budget of $1,000 a month. Use this to generate an increase of 35% in online sales in 3 months

These listed above are straightforward cases to get you started on thinking about concrete directions for your digital marketing coach. To understand better how this goes, before signing up for a coaching session, you need to check some case studies where digital marketers assisted real businesses.

SMART goals also help your digital marketing coach’s choice in what to use to make these happen, from the content types down to the distribution channels, and tools to use.

2. The Tools You’re Using

Whether you use a spreadsheet or a full-blown customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage your email marketing, you need to make sure that the digital marketing coach knows how to use this. This will make your online marketing coaching’s onboarding process more manageable.

Notably, coaches teach your teams how to create content your sales team can use in their process and that makes them more efficient. Also, they can train your team on how to use the expensive tools such as cutting-edge sales and CRM software you’ve purchased so they are worth your investment.

You need to learn early what works and what doesn’t. Also, you know for a fact that business success does not just come from having a great idea so you need to work smart as well.

Hence, signing up for a marketing coaching session will make your company well-prepared in using marketing tools and resources that are crucial for your content development processes and management. You can grow your business through intelligent data collection, processing and configuration, and more complex analysis and marketing tools.

3. Match Expertise with Industry and Business Needs

Some digital marketing coaches would only service businesses belonging to specific industries. Make sure that the coach you choose has experience working in your industry. That way, you can be assured he or she can cater to your specific needs.

Signing up for an online marketing coaching program will give you knowledge and experience in your industry gives you the following advantages:

  • More in-depth understanding of the consumers you’re targeting.
  • More knowledge of industry trends.
  • Greater awareness of the best practices observed when promoting your products.

4. Your Budget

Working with a digital marketing coach and joining his coaching sessions doesn’t come cheap. The average hourly rate for digital marketing coaches worldwide is around $140 per hour. This varies based on years of experience, the scope of service, and the level of understanding of specific industries and digital marketing trends.

As you can see, digital marketing consultants may be expensive. Naturally, you’d want to make sure that when you join an online marketing coaching program where you’ll get the results you’re expecting.

It’s for this reason that many companies would opt to pay the digital marketing coach they choose to hire by using the value-based pricing model. With this model, you pay the coach’s a percentage of the revenue you generate as a result of the marketing campaigns they launch.

But, if the target wasn’t reached, then you need to place a minimum payment agreement based on actual results, either as a fixed fee or a lower percentage. With this pricing model, your business coach will be motivated to work harder because better results equate to higher earnings.

Either way, you need to set your budget wisely. Here are some tips to help you allocate your budget:

  • Study your books to refocus the marketing budget since a part of this will go to your digital marketing efforts.
  • Match your budget with the size of your company.
  • Identify your strategy’s complexity to focus on specific digital marketing tools (e.g., SEO, PPC, content, and social media).
  • Match your digital marketing goals to the consultant’s experience.

5. Testimonials and case studies

A digital marketing coach’s track record is something you should always look at when deciding who to hire. Some of them would feature a list of case studies on their website.

These give you details about a specific marketing campaign they launched for one of their clients for every online marketing coaching session. Here, you’ll get an overview of the process the digital marketing consultant went through in developing and implementing the marketing campaign. You’ll also see the results they achieved.

At the same time, you get to see the type of marketing strategies they implement and see if this matches your style. So, make sure to review the testimonials on their website.

Testimonials serve as social proof that can elicit a level of trust from prospective clients that they can do what they claim. Check feedback from previous clients about their knowledge, skills, and professionalism.

Finally, take the time to speak to their previous clients. You’ll get a better idea of their experience with the marketing coach you’re considering. At the same time, you’ll get more insight into the results they got from the working relationship.

Some questions you can ask the coach’s previous clients on their online marketing coaching programs are:

  • How did [coach’s name] work on your company URLs’ Google rankings over the last six months? And how has this impacted your business?
  • Can you show some examples of the processes that [coach’s name] engaged in to achieve targets for organic online marketing?
  • How did [coach’s name] expertise as a digital marketing consultant fit your business needs?
  • Were there particular roadblocks that [coach’s name] encountered? What steps or techniques were undertaken to overcome them?
  • During [coach’s name] time as a digital marketing consultant for your company, were there techniques that were passed to your team and yourself?

6. Your Desired Success and Growth Rate

Your chosen online marketing coach lends their expertise to help you develop, launch, and monitor your marketing strategies in a more organized and efficient manner. So, make sure you’re joining an online marketing coaching program that best fits your business needs, knows your industry, and has a proven record of delivering results.

To help you begin, consider these growth-driven marketing areas to get the following benefits from your coaching session:

  • Generate quality leads
  • Shorten your sales cycle, and
  • Get published in leading online publications

There are a lot of people who get the wrong impression about digital marketing. They think that digital marketing is easy, or that there’s a magic program or strategy that will just make everything work out.

Your digital marketing coach may have seen this so many times. An entrepreneur thinks it’s going to be as easy as posting a few times a week on social media and sending some emails, and then they realize, it’s not. This is how business owners get in over their heads!

Thus, you need to have an established and projected ROI before you decide to join any online marketing coaching program. Then, your chosen coach will give you guidance on how to attain those goals without using up too many company resources while keeping your path to success on track.

7. Accountability and Actionable Strategies

Coaches understand that many business owners aren’t in a position to pay someone to handle their digital marketing for them. Luckily, if this is a problem you’re having, the revolutionary “Done-With-You” sales and marketing funnels were designed to give you a strong online marketing foundation to build your business.

With an online marketing coaching program, you can feel confident that you can execute the strategies required to generate traffic and leads. Additionally, you’ll find that once they help you figure out all the tech, you can focus more of your energy on your passion and your content!

Sometimes the biggest obstacle is just staying motivated to do the marketing and advertising work. This is a huge part of why the coaching sessions remain so successful. Your business coach has a strategy for keeping you accountable to follow through as they don’t want you to just be a well of digital marketing knowledge while getting the practice too.

In a coaching program, you will create actionable strategies that will get you tangible results. You’ll learn how to turn prospective clients into paying customers! Therefore, everyone from your team will have ample hands-on marketing experience in marketing tools, campaigns, and systems.

How Do You Know that You’re Choosing the Right Online Marketing Coaching Program?

The best online marketing coaching program includes an extensive toolbelt for your training.

When you’re looking into a program, be sure that it provides information about the “marketing tech stuff” that you have questions about. Or, make sure that the program leaders have enough experience that they can answer specific questions you might have about your unique situation.

The right coaching program will be filled with other people like you! Make sure to find a program that has served entrepreneurs such as yourself, whether you’re a personality brand, an online service-based business, or brick and mortar.

So, you have to make sure that the program you’re looking into is giving you access to your peers! Networking with other small business owners that have similar experiences can help you find answers to your questions and generate better and better ideas.

Finally, you’ll know a good digital marketing session by the leaders of the program. A good coach will help you maintain your motivation to keep at it!

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