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As a business owner, you are aware of the significance of having a solid marketing plan to expand your brand and build a remarketable business. 

To stay up with the most recent marketing trends and best sales practises though, can be difficult given how quickly the digital landscape is changing. 

I can help with that as a marketing consultant

On this page, I'll go over the benefits of working with me, and how I can support you in achieving your marketing objectives, and sales targets.

You will save a lot of time, stress, and money.

I have 30 years of experience in creating and putting into practise effective marketing strategies and sales tactics in a variety of sectors.

This enables me to develop a customised strategy that is suited to your unique requirements and immediately spot potential improvement opportunities for your business or personal brand. 

You won't need to spend numerous hours attempting to determine what marketing or conversion strategies work and which ones don't if you follow my advice.

Instead, you can concentrate on managing your business, which is what you do best. You'll ultimately save money by working with me to launch, scale and grow sales.

To help you understand how to avoid the usual expensive errors and get better returns on cash from your marketing efforts, I've put together a 15-minute FREE Training on how to build a Remarketable Business.

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Simply, click the button below to find out how you can get access to the right tools, tactics, and team to level up your results. 

In summary - the 15-minute Free Training will show you how you can discover the untapped potential in your business without wasting months or years trying to figure it out all the marketing and tech stuff by yourself. 

In fact, my methodologies have been the breeding ground for many 6-Figure and 7-Figure business owners and industry experts already.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click the button below and watch the 15-minute FREE Training on how to build a Remarketable Business.


Regardless of the type of business you have at the moment (or want to have) - this 15-minute FREE Training is your first step to achieving your marketing objectives and sales goals. As a leading marketing consultant and business advisor, here's a small list of the various businesses and industry experts that have worked with me...

real estate AGENTS

BUSINESS consultants


marketing AGENCIES


health & fitness

financial PLANNERS








Trent Giumelli - giumelli group

"In single campaign with just 4 emails and 1 automated funnel we created 26 highly qualified leads and $730,000-$740,000 worth of new business by following Cam's advice. If you're a consultant and you are looking for the X Factor when it comes to achieving results - I'd highly recommend you chat to Cam Roberts"

Trent Giumelli - CEO Giumelli Group. Multi-Millionaire. Real Estate Authority. 


boomstr ceo

"I've been working with Cam Roberts across my consulting clients businesses and my own consulting businesses for 5+years. His strategies have made our business over $1Million and our client's businesses many hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, he is one of the best coaches I've work with"



"One strategy from Cam Roberts has landed me two awesome new high value consulting clients worth an extra $60,000 in annual revenue. His knowledge of Marketing & Conversions is awesome, and he has produced phenomenal results for not only myself but also for my CFO clients"


CELEBRITY consultant

"Cam has changed the GAME for me and stretched my mind around money and the value of the consulting products I created. If you're looking for a mentor who can double your productivity and double the dollars coming in your door - you need to work with Cam Roberts"


When you work with me as your Marketing Consultant,, you’ll get the insiders knowledge you need from a NO BULL Business Advisor, Marketing Consultant, and Fractional CMO, with 30+ years of business, marketing & sales experience.

You'll benefit from :

  • Direct High Level Coaching & Consulting
  • Plug N Play Campaigns
  • Latest AI and Automation tools
  • Proven Strategies for Online & Offline Marketing
  • Access to implementation Ninja's & Freelancers
  • Access to Appointment Setters & Sales Closers

Get more qualified appointments and more clients, with fewer rejections in just a few weeks. Once you apply my methodologies to your business or personal brand, you will automatically and effortlessly increase your sales and streamline your operations.

That’s why the my Inner Circle Program is so valuable to your business.

Unlike 99.9% of the other programs, products or course out there - you get access to the tools, tactics, team, and mentoring to be one of the top 1% of experts in your industry.

You will benefit from the REAL LIFE results that are an accumulation of my 30 years in Business, Marketing, & Sales Consulting - along with consulting to hundreds of different successful and profitable businesses. 

Plus - you are protected by my Risk Free 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

300% to 500% roi 90 day rISK FREE GUARANTEE

Join my Inner Circle, attend all the training, watch the coaching videos, use the campaigns I send you, and follow my advice...

In the highly unlikely chance that you don't achieve a 300% to 500% return on your investment on what you pay to be in Inner Circle within the first 90 days - let me know and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

 As long as you are an Action Taker, and not an Excuse Maker, I will always guarantee the very best results, and if you don't achieve that I'll give you your money back!

WHEN WILL YOU START the transformation?

Lean on my 30+ years of business, sales and marketing experience to achieve your marketing goals, sales targets and lifestyle objectives.

Today, I am able to help my own clients like you, create their own Remarkable Businesses so they can spend less time worrying and more time building a business that supports their lifestyle.

So if you are ready to invest in yourself, and ready to take your business to the next level, complete the form below to find out how we can make that happen.


If you know you want help now and you're ready to take action, then schedule a time below to discuss your business or personal brand, and I'll share how we can work together to achieve your goals.


After nearly 30 years as a multi-award winning business owner himself, managing various bricks & mortar businesses with 25 staff and 1500 weekly clients, along with global marketing & sales teams - Cam knows how to scale your operations and unlock the hidden potential in your business.

He has worked with hundreds of Consultants, SME's and Industry Experts that include Amazon Multi-Millionaires, 7-Figure Digital Marketers, Multi-Million Dollar Speakers, Property Coaches, Wealth Creation Experts, Health Authorities, Business Coaches and many more...

Today Cam has 65,000 Social Media Followers, The #1 Brand Podcast In Australia with 230 Episodes & 338 5-Star Podcast Reviews, and has been a part of 655 Marketing Funnel Projects and Advertising Campaigns in the last couple of years (and counting!).