So You’re Thinking Of Starting A Business? #OnDeckWithCoachCameron Ep12

So You’re Thinking Of Starting A Business? #OnDeckWithCoachCameron Ep12

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VLOG Title: So You’re Thinking Of Starting A Business? #OnDeckWithCoachCameron Ep12

VLOG Description: So You’re Thinking Of Starting A #business  

In this short video I will explain the pitfalls to lookout for when starting a business. 

I discuss the following:
–  how to find out if there’s a need in the marketplace
– determine your results in advance
– how to do “ninja” research about your target market
– why you should stay OFFLINE until you’re ready to play hard
– what to do once all the ducks are lined up and you’re ready to go

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  • Bobcat
    Posted at 3:01 pm, May 21, 2017

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I just pulled out the cover to my book – although it isn’t self published, it’s published by a small publisher and can get all the help it can – and am going to try to perform the same type when I do self-publish I will hopefully learn from this

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