Sarah Cordiner with Coach Cameron Roberts

Sarah Cordiner with Coach Cameron Roberts

Sarah Cordiner with Coach Cameron Roberts

#OnDeckWithCoachCameron – Podcast Show: Ep 85 Sarah Cordiner with Coach Cameron Roberts – 35min Podcast.

Join us for this month’s special Expert Interview with Sarah Cordiner – An Educational Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, and Much More…

sarah Sarah is a Number 1 Best-Selling author, qualified trainer, professional speaker and respected consultant in ‘Edupreneurship’, ‘Edu-marketing’, Entrepreneurship, Workforce Development, Curriculum Development, Instructional Design, Education & Training, online learning and virtual reality education. She is a specialist in creating and selling online courses, as well as trainer of trainers in adult learning. Sarah teaches entrepreneurs how to create and sell their own profitable online courses and has over 4,000 students in over 120 countries.

As discussed in the Podcast Interview – you can view Sarah’s courses at: and get a 25% off discount by typing in the promo code PODCAST.

Here is the link to Sarah’s amazon books:

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