Podcast: The 7 Step Formula for Getting More Leads And More Customers

Podcast: The 7 Step Formula for Getting More Leads And More Customers


Business, Success and Marketing​ strategies for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners – EPISODE 97 Business Systems For Success by Sales Strategist & Direct Response Internet Marketing Consultant, Cam Roberts. Podcast Time in total​ ​26.06min.

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This Formula has 7 steps and when used in the order and I’m describing on this podcast episode, you will attract more leads, convert more sales and get a flood of referrals in your business – and that’s really the name of the game!

My formula works equally well online or offline – regardless of whether you run an Internet Business or a “bricks and mortar” business.

Most people incorrectly think their business is a widgets business.

They think that their business is all about the products or services they sell and they provide… well that’s partly true. That’s kind of what they do – that’s not really what the business is.

For any business to not only survive but to thrive in the new relationship economy and information age – you must make the shift in your mindset and realise that your business is a “sales and marketing business”

Follow my 7 Step Formula for getting more leads and more customers – listen to this podcast program now.

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