Discover how to take yourself and your personal branding seriously and see the results you’ve been searching for

Dear Coach, Consultant or Industry Expert…

If you’re here, it means you are serious about improving your personal branding and serious about improving your business success.

I’m not one to mess around on unnecessary fluffy stuff which is why my 4 Week Personal Branding Bootcamp was created for you to launch and build a profitable 6 or 7 figure personal brand.

Maybe you’re asking yourself what makes this so different from many of the other programs and products out there, right?

Cam Roberts. Strategic Marketing and Personal Brand Consultant.
Business Advisor. #1 Best Selling Author. Podcaster. Speaker on Business, Success and Marketing.

Well, for starters...

  • You will learn how to profit from your passion
  • You will be taught how to create authority in your particular marketplace
  • You will be introduced to strategies on how to fill your funnel with dream clients and launch high ticket products and programs in weeks not months!

Once you sign up, you'll be given the VIP Treatment and gain access to the strategies, campaigns and Cam's own Ninja Marketing Team to launch your HIGH TICKET Personal Brand Products...

So here’s exactly what you get when you join:

  • An initial 45-minute 1:1 online strategic workshop to create your Personal Brand Framework. You'll walk away with a clear plan for your marketing, funnels and lead generation 
  • 4 weeks of high-level consulting to help you take action, answer questions and prevent you from getting stuck 
  • 4 weeks access to Cam's own ninja marketing and tech team - which means you save $1,000s on copywriting, sales funnels, video editing, automation, creative design, landing pages, ad creation, blogs and more... from only $25hr
  • A done-for-you podcast setup that includes choosing a name, defining your niche, podcast intro/outro audio files, podcast cover art, setting up hosting and connecting your show to your website or funnel
  • A webinar pre-designed slidedeck template that will save you months of trial & error. Plug in your own offer, brand story and brand colors and you're good to go. This becomes your automated Lead Generation and Conversion Machine
  • PLUS - you'll get an automated Plug-n-Play personal brand HIGH TICKET marketing system complete with copywriting within a free 30 day Keap Trial Account that includes:
  1. 1
    An automated webinar funnel for capturing marketing qualified leads and converting them with your own automated webinar
  2. 2
    A live webinar funnel for registering sales qualified leads or existing clients into live group training
  3. 3
    The gain-logic-fear email & sms sequence that retargets existing leads and pushes them back into taking action
  4. 4
    The free consultation funnel for booking in discovery calls, strategy sessions or free consultations using acuity scheduling or calendly
  5. 5
    Your own 7 stage sales pipeline to manage, report and track your prospects so you never lose your leads again

Here’s What You
Need To Do Next

The 4 Week Personal Branding Bootcamp is by "APPLICATION ONLY"

This is because my Ninja Marketing and Tech team can only build, implement and launch a certain number of High Ticket Funnels, Podcast Shows and Personal Branding Frameworks each month.

If you are one of the lucky coaches, consultants or industry experts that are selected to work with us - you'll get the VIP Treatment and walk away with everything you need in 4 weeks to be successful.

Your next step is to watch the FREE 15-minute Tutorial that I've put together for you that is called “The Personal Branding Secrets For Unlocking Your High Ticket Client Potential”

Once you sign up, you will get instant access to the Tutorial and also be given the opportunity to complete an application to discuss joining my 4 Week Personal Branding Bootcamp.

Discover exactly what it takes to build a profitable 6 to 7 figure personal brand from someone whose expertise and passion are there to help you make your dreams a reality.

See you in the Tutorial!