Cam Roberts

Cam Roberts is the Marketing Expert, Consultant, & Fractional CMO, behind over $450M in Client Revenue for SME's, Industry Experts, Ecommerce Stores, and Online Brands. He is the CEO of Bubblegum Marketing and also the Founder of Juicy Legal Marketing.

Cam is passionate about creating remarkable businesses, and is always on the lookout for strategic partners who are ready to scale, re-position and expand. 

After nearly 30 years as a multi-award winning business owner himself, managing various bricks & mortar businesses with 25 staff and 1500 weekly clients, Cam knows how to scale your operations and unlock the hidden potential in your business.

He has worked with hundreds of SME's and industry experts that include Amazon Multi-Millionaires, 7-Figure Digital Marketers, Multi-Million Dollar Speakers, Property Coaches, Wealth Creation Experts, Health Authorities, Business Coaches and many more...