Ep: 115 Expert Interview With Melinda Wittstock

Ep: 115 Expert Interview With Melinda Wittstock

Episode 115: Expert Interview With Melinda Wittstock

“How To Score Your Return On Authenticity”

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Ep-115 “How To Score Your Return On Authenticity” – expert Podcast interview with Melinda Wittstock
#ondeckwithcam Podcast Time 25.45 min in Total.

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Cameron’s guest speaker today is Melinda Wittstock.

Melinda Wittstock is the owner of the technology company Verifeed, and she is a serial entrepreneur, award-winning journalist, data science nerd and content marketer, Melinda thinks “ahead of the curve” and loves to change the game with disruptively innovative solutions.

Melinda has innovated a predictive social intelligence platform with Verifeed that uses big data algorithms to find your “believer” customers and influencers and generate and measure your Return on Authenticity™ (ROA™) so you can genuinely connect with fickle consumers – and put a viral multiplier effect on customer growth, loyalty, and brand buzz.

The art is getting the right information to the right people to assure the right outcomes at the right time. – Melinda Wittstock

Key show note points include:

– What is C2B and how it has replaced traditional way of selling B2B or B2C.

– Why Consumers now have ALL the Power throughout the buying process.

– How to be relevant in Social Media and create Value first.

– The biggest mistakes to avoid when getting started on Social Media.

– How to SCORE your Return On Authenticity.

– And more…

Melinda referenced a TED Talk called “Start With Why” by  Simon Sinek – watch it below on YouTube…

For the special offer Melissa spoke about at the end of the show – TEXT “tribal” to 44222 for a 15-minute consultation with Melinda to discover your ROA Score. Alternatively, you can also email ROA@verifeed.com to find out how to get your ROA Score.

For more information about Verifeed go to //verifeed.com/


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