Get Serious Results
With Serious ConSULTING
To Back You Up

Dear Million Dollar Business Owner,

Are you serious about scaling into a multi-million dollar business?

Are you ready to go to the next level personally and financially and never looking back?

Then welcome to my vCMO (Virtual Chief Marketing Officer) Program…

Hire me to become your secret weapon to scaling your business, launching new products, and turning your advertising into a profit! 

I’m talking about:

  • Getting REAL-TIME premium support and strategic consulting via WhatsApp. Simply send a Message to me when you need a quick answer to a question.
  • High Level Marketing Production provided by my own Ninja Marketing and Tech team to help implement sales funnels, webinars, online programs, podcasts, video productions, marketing automation campaigns, copywriting, advertising campaigns, and more!
  • I will essentially become your personal vCMO (Virtual Chief Marketing Officer) and work with you to guide the implementation of all aspects of Branding, Sales Funnels, Marketing Automation, Inbound Marketing and Paid Advertising 
  • It's like having your very own INSTANT Marketing Agency team complete with Project Management, Account Managers and unbiased advice to increase Marketing ROI

Here’s exactly what you get when you work with me privately in my vCMO program:

  • A One-on-One 90 minute Million Dollar Planning Workshop for you to help create your Marketing and Business Plan for the next 6 months. We will review your digital assets, funnels, and conversions to discover the untapped potential in your business.   
  • Fortnightly One-on-One 30-minute WIP meetings (via Zoom) to check in on Marketing ROI and ROAS as well as keep the flow going with your projects. This is where we review and optimize your branding, marketing funnels, campaigns, and conversions.
  • Priority access to my Ninja Marketing and Tech team to help implement your sales funnels, webinars, podcasts, video productions, marketing automation campaigns and paid advertising across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google
  • Client Project Discounts available for New Website Design Projects, Membership Sites, or Monthly SEO.
  • 24/7 Support within the Teamwork project management tool to communicate with me and his Ninjas. As your vCMO I can see what's happening and communicate with you and the team on what needs to be improved or completed.
  • Access to your own Project Manager who will be your "go-to-person" to keep your projects moving and provide end of month reports.
  • The opportunity to negotiate a built in commission performance incentive so we are all motivated to see your company scale

Here’s What You
Need To Do Next

Because my vCMO program is a premium service for SME's that t/o $1.5M+ per year in revenue - the first thing you need to do is apply for a no-obligation strategy session right now.

This way, we can see where you are and if you are on the right track to join the program and see the results we want to help you achieve.

After we establish if this is a great match then we can get started right away.

Get access to an exclusive Consulting Service with high level support and technical assistance to set you on the right track to build your brand and grow your business consistently to the multi-million dollar mark and beyond.