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Congratulations!  You’ve got this link because you’re invited to book a time and date for your Podcast Interview…

After you use the Podcast Interview Booking System below –  I’ll be notified of your details and the time and date you prefer for the interview to take place.

Then I will be in touch with details to send me the following:

  • A short BIO you’d like me to read (do not send PDF’s)
  • A Profile Picture you’d like to use in show notes and featured image
  • Hyperlinks to your websites, programs or books you’d like to promote

The Podcast Interview will be around 20-minutes to 30-minutes.

It will take place over the internet using “ZOOM Meetings”  – at the time of the meeting you can join by phone, device, tablet, laptop or PC.

We will be recording audio only.

After doing hundreds of podcasts now – I’m pretty good at it… there’s only been 1 time where we had to “re-edit” – the rest of the episodes are all “1-take”

I will start the interview with your Intro and then from there, it’ll be a casual interview based around your areas of expertise. I will discuss this with you briefly when we jump on the ZOOM Meeting together before I hit record.

After the Interview, I will be sharing the episode throughout my social networks and email marketing lists and will provide you a link to do the same at your end. I’ll also ask you to review the Podcast on iTunes to help share the show with other people.

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