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PODCASTING is one of the most effective medias to build your brand, launch a new product, or promote your book or online course.


As a social media influencer with over 45,000+ followers and fans, Cam Roberts has access to a large audience and can authentically persuade others and position you as the expert across various media.


Your Podcast Interview Promotion will be shared across Email, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram, Spotify, Stitcher, and Itunes.


Cost: FREE – (But I’ll hit you up for a review post interview!!!)


Podcast Promotion includes:

  • 15-20 minute Professional Interview asking you key questions to promote your products, service, business, course or book.
  • A written transcription for you to turn into an ebook, or digital resource
  • Your own Podcast Recording to upload to your own show or website or used as a lead magnet in your own marketing
  • A Podcast Promotion on the Cam Roberts Business Marketing Podcast
  • Post Podcast Facebook Promotion out to 45,000 fans and follows across Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Your Podcast Published across Spotify, Stitcher, and Itunes.
  • Three Post Podcast Promotion Email Broadcasts out to Cam’s personal email contact list

After you use the Podcast Interview Booking System below –  I’ll be notified of your details and the time and date you prefer for the interview to take place.

Then you will need to send me the following:

  • A short BIO you’d like me to read (do not send PDF’s)
  • A Profile Picture you’d like to use in show notes and featured image
  • Hyperlinks to your websites, programs or books you’d like to promote

Your Podcast Interview Promotion will take place over the internet using “ZOOM Meetings”  – at the time of the meeting you can join by phone, device, tablet, laptop or PC. (or we can do a Facebook Live)

After doing hundreds of podcasts now – I’m pretty good at it… there’s only been 1 time where we had to “re-edit” – the rest of the episodes are all “1-take”

I will start the interview with your Intro and then from there, it’ll be a casual interview based around your areas of expertise. I will discuss this with you briefly when we jump on the Podcast Interview together before I hit record.

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