Cameron Roberts

Cameron Roberts helps companies create Dynamic Behavior Marketing Systems that provide Highly Targeted Messages based on the behavior of your prospects and clients inside of your Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, CRM or SMS Marketing Funnels. This targeted approach Increases Marketing ROI and Bottom Line Sales. He is a Certified Business Advisor and Certified Internet Marketing Consultant. He has over 145+ Podcast Episodes on Business, Success & Marketing. As a Certified Partner with Infusionsoft, HubSpot, and Google, along with being a Facebook Ads Manager – he can help you grow and scale your business. His social media profiles have over 40,000+ Fans and Followers and he is a multi-award winning business owner, public speaker, marketing coach and business mentor.

Consultants, coaches, and trainers these days are a dime a dozen so it’s important you know they’ve made real money in the real world before they teach others.

Cameron has done just that and has been wildly successful.

Cameron is a multi-award winning business owner, at one time, having three successful “bricks and mortar” business models with 30 staff and 1200+ weekly clients.

He is a #1 Best Selling author on Amazon, and sought after speaker having shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Australia.

His message of “MORE CUSTOMERS IN LESS TIME FOR BIGGER PROFITS” has been heard by thousands of business owners live and online.

Time poor business owners love Cameron’s content-rich material and the “no jargon” way he presents – he makes it so easy to understand and implement. Today, many enjoy a bigger better business after being exposed to Cameron’s implementation ideas and strategies.

Cameron is the only Certified Business Advisor and Certified Internet Marketing Consultant in Australia who is:

  • A Certified Business Advisor and Direct Response Internet Marketing Consultant
  • Certified in Frontline Business Management and Accredited to Providing Workplace Training and Assessments
  • Infusionsoft Certified Partner with a team of Certified Infusionsoft Consultants
  • Facebook Ads Expert that can help you get qualified leads from Facebook Ad Funnels
  • Google AdWords Certified Partner that can help you get discovered when potential customers are searching for your products and services.
  • HubSpot Certified Partner that understands Inbound Marketing and Sales Enablement
  • An experienced Sales and Conversions Trainer that’ll help you create “Invisible” Sales Tools and Improve Your Sales Pipeline
  • A #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon An experienced Sales and Conversions Trainer;
  • Award Winning Speaker & Multi-Award Winning Business Owner

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